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Aid to Hospitals Worldwide PO Box 603 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP33 9DF Tel: 01284 754900

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      Unfortunately due to changing economic circumstances the Trustees of Aid to Hospitals Worldwide have reluctantly decided that the future of the Charity is no longer viable. Therefore the Charity is no longer open for business and the Trustees are ensuring an orderly close down. Any queries should be directed to Mike Coleman ( 0781 336 8396 or PO Box 603, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 9DF).


Welcome to Aid to Hospitals Worldwide

A2HW supplies operating equipment enabling doctors and clinicians improve the health care of poorer countries world-wide.

From the simplest medical dressings to more complex surgical needs, A2HW brings relief and new standards of cleanliness to clinics and hospitals across the world.

Vital aid arrives to the excitement of local people working right across Europe, Africa and Asia.


Visitors so far

Aid to Hospitals Worldwide has won a string of awards for humanitarian aid, community cohesion and sustainability.

FAST FACTS - for 2011

The value of medical equipment donated to developing world countries. In all A2HW has sent to 53 different countries.

£2.6 million

122 tons

Of waste saved from landfill or costly specialist disposal saving the NHS money and time.

Of embedded carbon saved for the environment - we operate a green-aware organisation.

1,419 tons

15,400 hours

Donated by our 62 volunteers who, with a dedicated staff of 10, dispatched more than 30 containers.

The healthcare of many millions of people has been impacted.

With A2HW equipment, wards are transformed and standards of health care vastly improved.